Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lost Boys of Sudan Hampton Roads

Recently, Amy and i have given this organization a bike to help these refugees get around town. While the means for motorized transportation is there, Recycles Norfolk will continue to provide LBSHR with bikes when they need them. We can all help!
Check them out at

In 2001 before the attacks of 9/11, approximately 4,000 Sudanese Lost Boy and Girl refugees arrived in the United States. As victims of genocidal (un)civil war which has raged in Southern Sudan for over twenty years, they have spent the majority of their lives in refugee camps of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. Since the ages of 3 to 7, the tides of war have forced them to flee as groups of children through the deserts on thousand mile treks. Most have lost their parents and siblings, having seen them perish or killed before their eyes. They have survived war, thirst, starvation, and personal loss that has scarred their souls but never beat them. Now in their early twenties, the Lost Boys and Girls living in the United States embody the hope for their country’s future.It is the purpose of the Sudanese Lost Boys African School Program is to help ease the many difficulties that may arise during their transition to life in America. We endeavor to help them achieve the education and political resources necessary to rebuild their own lives and also the lives of those left in Sudan.

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