Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Yes it's been months since our last post. However, many things have been happening in the past couple months. Along with the usual survival and school, Aaron and I have been busy networking and getting many many awesome contacts and helpful ideas for Re-Cycles Norfolk.

Con- I learned that the cycling community/ bike shop groupies aren't as pumped about helping others as they are buying the newest parts for their bikes.
Pro- There have been some awesome people who have donated bikes, without them we would be nothing. Many good friends have given spare parts which Aaron has ingeniously used to fix/create functioning bikes.

Con- I have flip-flopped from idea to idea as my own priorities begin to shift. What was going to be a huge organization has now turned into a "project" because of all the other "projects" I have piled on my plate.
Pro- I actually have a large network of people who are willing to help me. Within the college community, there are professors and students who are willing to jump on board.

Con- it's hard to start from way down here at the bottom!
Pro- I'm actually reading a book called Grassroots by Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards. They're the same ones who wrote Manifesta. It's helping ALOT. One of the main things I have taken from it so far is that every little bit counts. The stories of activism in it have made me feel better about not being as successful as I had first hoped. Everyone has downfalls and obstacles. The important thing is that I'm trying. There's a lot of great advice in this book... please read it!

Con- not everyone knows about this! please go and readdddd
Pro- Through this great project by Brook, I have been able to contribute to a feminist circle of writers in a way that positively discusses issues involving women's activism. Being a contributer of this magazine has kept my activism vein pumping!

TIDEWATER NOW (National Organization for Women):
Con- more people.. come on out! first sunday of every month. 4pm at Fairgrounds Coffeehouse on Colley Ave. in Norfolk
Pro- some of the most awesome people i've met in a long time. I feel like Re-Cycles Norfolk can really thrive here and Kristin, the president, is willing to help me.. something else I learned from Grassroots.. team up with already existing organizations.

I got a great idea from Teri in Tidewater NOW about decorating canes and walkers for the elderly in nursing homes.. I got to thinking about it and why not do that with our bikes?! I can't tell you how excited I was about riding my bike after I got yellow handlebar tape. lol! Giving rusty clunkers for necessity can be boring and unexciting. Why not give women a bike that they can enjoy riding? I'm in the process of making this a Tidewater NOW project, we'll see.

April 19th, Sunday, Newport News Park. Feminist Scavenger Hunt Bike Ride for girl scouts aged 12-17. Any suggestions on checkpoints or activities??? PLEASE EMAIL ME! and I need volunteers!

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Brook Buesking said...

Have you finished "Grassroots" yet? I still need to read 'manifesta'!
you rock! and i can't wait for the scavenger hunt!!